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3 d puzzle is not good to sell, why?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-09-07
3 d puzzle is not good to sell, why?

because the three-dimensional puzzle sample put too messy, give a person a kind of feeling of booth is a mess, the feeling is very bad, believe that not many people like the kind of environment is a mess. Then the three-dimensional puzzle sample specific how should put? The first: the three-dimensional puzzle sample groups of good points: such as animals, cars, buildings, etc. Second: the simple point of three-dimensional puzzle sample is put in the front, the complex large-scale three-dimensional puzzle sample is put in the most inside, because it puts the advantage is that the customer can touch to your goods, but will not get you made a very hard large models, at the same time you can see you bigger and more complex and elegant products. Third: choose as far as possible when put his thought to be more pleasing to the eye of the three-dimensional puzzle samples, or you can find some friends to choose. Fourth: there will be color stereo jigsaw puzzle samples and no color stereo samples, this can avoid stalls appear cluttered. Five: put the three-dimensional puzzle of samples, if there is sailing into the class of goods, please be sure to put out, the author thinks that the goods of sailing class is to make the good things of your booth increased class, although not necessarily bound to customers buying boats class three-dimensional puzzle, but I can give the customer a feeling of a class. Three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle is not only an educational toys, for adults, especially for young people like to play with family furnishings ( Like the author, from an early age interested in curiosity) , three-dimensional puzzle is more of a work of art or furnishings. Every successful three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle model assembled like their children, some people like to paint the, someone like to use the glass cover up, someone is on the shelf, someone on the porch. 。 。 。 。 。 Three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle how beautiful decoration to do? Free in the room, not only reveal personality, also can take out to play, put a bookcase or the desk is a very good choice. Put should pay attention to choose a larger space, it is best to place more than three to four: if it is construction model is put on the desk, set a good, here is particularly recommend the Eiffel Tower.
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