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3 d puzzle jigsaw puzzle the gift to children

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-07-31
3 d puzzle jigsaw puzzle the gift to children

DIY manual assembly, a lot of fun, and be full of a sense of accomplishment; To cultivate children to shape, to identify the color, cultivate children's memory ability, judgment, hands, eyes, and brain coordination of comprehensive exercise education effect. Colourful, picture, image is lovely. Paper is smooth, feel is good; Paper hard, is not easy to fold, durable! This product is suitable for 3 years of age or older babies, and of course the uncapped, adults also have a lot of fun. 8 of personal feel bigger puzzle, more suitable for large and primary school children to play, too small children themselves cannot spell, but parents can spell good for baby after stories, more vivid.
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