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3 d puzzle toy industry is need a lot of brand value

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-09-08
3 d puzzle toy industry is the lack of brand value

the concept of the whole market is not hard to find, the 3 d puzzle toy industry of China has been maintained a high speed development situation, the new brand, promote enterprise scale expansion, market demand, industry efficiency is good, the 3 d puzzle toy has become one of the most development potential of the industry! But what is the most lack of this industry? Also until now, there was no real 3 d puzzles toys industry international brands, questions about the shape of the brand has been plagued by the industry, become a jie does not open, do not erase the old wounds! , of course, a lot of 3 d puzzle toy manufacturers are also trying to try to do the brand, but the method and effect of improvement and improve, make the products with market docking, expensive effort do spread, is not in the customer heart produce brand value! 3 d puzzle toys in recent years, some 3 d puzzle toy enterprise, begin to consciously pay attention to the relationship between timing and branding, this is good news, maybe we should put some tolerance, allowing companies to make some mistakes, because any exploration need to pay the price! 3 d puzzle toy brands shaping is not going, must through the years! 3 d puzzles toys wholesale manufacturers, in the face of a 3 d puzzle toy industry have too much kindness and helpless, small make up think, if the enterprise in the next time to seize the route of the corresponding market, deep tillage brand route, have their own brand marketing idea, actually not far away! The previous: deadly! 3 d puzzle toy manufacturers lack of innovation ability in the next article: the market's lack of 3 d puzzles toys - are valuable - - - - - Editor: all rights reserved, ) Reprint please indicate the source
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