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3 d puzzle why can help children develop the right?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-01
3 d puzzle why can help children develop the right?

from ancient to modern times, China's parents for the children have struggled to hack as overworked, especially in the 21st century, the parents live frugally, spent all his savings, all the way to accompany their children to go to university. It also doesn't guarantee that the children can make more money and support their parents. Now children ability is limited, hard to find work, can feed myself not chew old was lucky, but things have two sides, why there are some people, can be different, do what? Obtain parents cannot reach the height of the life. We are strange, rare natural turns these people? Indeed, it is said that these people can ahead, they both have clairvoyance, think people did not want to, see a person's ability to not seen, for they were all right of developers and users. That how to develop the brain? Now the world popular with many kinds of methods. Methods are different, same principle, seven Tian Zhen said: a variety of methods are must satisfy three conditions, one can make him spirit is loosened, two can make him attention, SanNeng let him use the visual function. And these conditions can be through meditation, mental relaxation and breathing method, such as: abdominal breathing and yoga breathing exercises. Kids can't grasp the way, how to use the same tools to achieve these goals? Three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle is a good method, because of children in the process of the puzzle, the use of visual can get very good embodiment. Chinese say ten judges, puzzles using the fingers, ingenuity to the child's mental stability, emotional control, focus has very good help. When children serious puzzle, will enter is similar to the state of qigong and meditation state, the right brain to stimulate the brain, activation function has very big benefits. Also, in the process of the puzzle, images of the brain to visualise the puzzle, this kind of vertical image, also known as image thinking, also is the indispensable method training right brain. And puzzle when successful, the children of pleasure and a sense of accomplishment, the mood will stimulate the brain nerve A10, produced a wave, hormone secretion can dredge the blood vessels and blood vessels, increase blood circulation, bring more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, your brain to become more intelligent, more developed. This is for all day at the reading pressure, is a kind of short-term pressure release and spiritual liberation, alleviate the child's psychological pressure, let the child would not be so fidgety and restless, help in return to the classroom to concentrate, have the effect of get twice the result with half the effort in learning. In short, the process of three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle intuitive controls the ability, integrity, create image thinking ability and inspire the children's creativity and control your emotions, and can pass the recognition to control the attention of the eye, these methods are right brain development essential means and methods, and let the children through effective training to become a unique and special talents with special abilities, grew up don't have to go with common people crowded the employment of the wooden bridge, so as to have a brighter better life.
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