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A bit of employees

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-08
Employee's work a little

today, three-dimensional puzzle packaging workshop office of the inspector to make data, speaking of the one thing he had seen. It was about half past nine in the morning, the factory warehouse to ship out. Warehouse distribution of several young men with pilot plant space loading on the first floor. Sun scorching sunshine is June, this period of time every day temperature about 40 degrees. Every day to send hundreds of goods, to be honest, in such a hot summer but a chore. The car to a half, you are tired, sweating like a pig to sit and rest. At that moment, he is in charge of warehouse director Chen teacher do to come back from the outside. Get off the bus you tired of appearance, loudly say: brothers were laborious! I'll join you! A listen to this, the morale of the all completely different, spiritual uplifting. In the warehouse distribution is very hard, after 90 the young lads can stick is not easy. This scene, can not help but reminds me of the strong-arm reaction in a scene: in the front bullets, yun-long li very not easy to break out, to hear that there is no break out, and a battalion commander said 1: I yun-long li has never dropped his brother! Turned around and rushed into the positions of rescue. 。 。 。 。 。 I believe that such a force is a strong cohesive forces. I have been in a while, I heard the story of all, I've seen a lot of a lot of scenes like this, when I will be very moved. I believe, is a company full of youthful spirit full of cohesion. This is a group of responsible and creative people! For the company, this is a group of the most lovely people! If you are interested in more than three-dimensional puzzle information, please contact our customer service or call our hotline: 4000001711 - - - - - - Editor 01 sourcing consultant LTD. All rights reserved Http reprint please indicate the source
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