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A good puzzle toy manufacturers will teach you how to identify toy

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturers will teach you how to identify the stand or fall of toy 1, see the outer packing: see if logo is complete general domestic toy packing marks: must be included in the 'CCC' logo, factory name, address, telephone, material composition, product name, model: 2, see the product appearance materials general brightness is better; Color is more bright-coloured; To see all; The thickness of the material, the thickness of the high grade product general material thicker ( The price also is higher) More resistant to fall off, general plastic breaking prone to acute Angle and fine particulate matter; Products above possible stabbing or sharp cutting edge and edge; 3, try product features: whether normal lighting: too harsh voice: whether moderate the cohesive solid 4, smell - components Smell of open product whether there is a very pungent taste, general plastic there will be a mild taste, but if not too thick is no; More than 5, contrast, and see which high cost performance; A toy toy market now has dozens of manufacturers are doing.
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