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After the outbreak of the jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturers how to carry out the work of the future

by:Lovelybird Toys     2021-01-06
Jigsaw puzzle is one of the traditional toys category, is also affected by seasonal obvious toys. In general, 2 - the end of each year to the next year In April, most of the jigsaw puzzle toy factory will have a large number of orders, especially outside doing single, in 2020, a special year, the sudden outbreak of a lead to a lot of toy factory can't normal business, after a period of time is a key period, which forms a connecting link between the preceding and as puzzle toy manufacturers how to carry out work in the future? In addition to the toy factory work according to the actual situation to make adjustment each position, sales channels to do well online and new media, the media promotion system in all channels, sales of the previous work, such as the electric business platform, trill, quickly, etc. Choose partners is not limited to the scope of pure enterprises, schools, do a single puzzle toys, you can find some red wine, cosmetics, tea, such as stores, do some customization and bundled promotion, such as jigsaw puzzle toys with red wine, puzzles doll with cosmetics, puzzles toys with tea. Spring coming, vientiane update, after the outbreak of the puzzle toy factory must make good use of some festivals and subject to push the sales of year-on-year growth, thereby giving impetus to the growth of the whole puzzle toy market sales.
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