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And a wholesale seized 2 yuan three-dimensional puzzle manufacturer

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-04
And a factory wholesale 2 yuan three-dimensional puzzle seized

recently, about 3 d puzzle on baidu many relevant keywords in a large number of pay-per-click advertising. Mostly is the low price, buy a send a, 2 yuan wholesale three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, and so on to attract an uninformed wholesalers to buy wholesale. This use low price to a large number of ads on the Internet there is a factory, mainly some online merchants to see 3 d puzzles the current relatively popular in the market, holding a cash point of view, with the original three-dimensional puzzle products on the market, to some kind of family workshops or 3 without manufacturers make to order a batch of inferior quality low price products to wholesalers KengMeng local unknown the truth. The business is legitimate manufacturers and consumers will suffer. At present, in view of some tort, take legal weapon to protect and defend themselves. Integrity in ali platform, for example, through the complaints, many illegal businessmen or manufacturer to release the information to be deleted on ali. The manufacturer or the name of the company's businesses, are hang sheep head sell vinegar, hung pictures of three-dimensional puzzle manufacturers, actual sales is pirated products, make a lot of unknown truth wholesalers. Look down in the ali's intellectual property department of complaint results: the manufacturer of these illegal businessmen are: the European dream toys co. , LTD. , jinan HuaiYin District ankang handicraft businesses, Po sail e-commerce businesses, spell intellectual toy factory, cosco creative arts and crafts co. , LTD. , army day toy factory and so on. In July, seized dongyang tort in China, online sales of many castle cartoon jigsaw puzzle from the small factory. Once fake products on the market a little. By September, however some other place especially shandong sales company with several network advertising on baidu, where their products come from? On October 14, a house in an industrial area and found a small workshops in imitation of three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle products, have a mushroom house, romantic beach, windmills, pink castle, blue castle, purple castle, set far battleship, J - 20 aircraft, farms and ranches. Said the boss of the factory, the outsiders took some operation selling cheap brand ( Its a brand) Three-dimensional puzzle he still image processing, sample production after the product direct sent to out-of-town wholesalers, sales don't need to be present. Does not enough and he will hang himself. This batch of quality, and the second low price wholesale 2 yuan the three-dimensional puzzle of only a few went to the market, most before shipped the goods were destroyed! For our children, this is really is a cause for celebration! Gentleman's love of money take youdao! I think every heart of doing business should have a bottom line, not earn mei heart gain. Don't for a little petty profit regardless of the child's physical and mental health. We need every citizen to maintain the integrity of the whole society. In particular, every businessman to maintain! If you are interested in more than three-dimensional puzzle information or any objection, please click on the website customer service or call our hotline: - - - - - - Editor 01 sourcing consultant LTD. All rights reserved Http: reprint please indicate the source
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