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apple: latest \'jigsaw puzzle\' app lands in the app store; costs [pounds sterling]1.99 / $2.99.

by:Lovelybird Toys     2019-11-28
Unlike Tetris games, puzzle games require a wide screen for the convenience of the game.
This puzzle is a laid back game and a slow one
Many people have a rhythmic pastime.
But they are not very suitable for the size of the smartphone screen.
Raavendouger, a German gaming company that already has a market leader in the European jigsaw puzzle market in 100, has released digital jigsaw puzzle applications in the app Store. (
According to the company: \"We are combining the tradition and experience of the classic puzzle world with the advantages and opportunities of the digital world.
\"This digital puzzle gives users the fun of building a puzzle without losing potential problems with a single puzzle in traditional games.
After downloading this pack of puzzles, users can choose the number of puzzles they want to use, ranging from 20 to 500.
The app then cuts the puzzle into a pattern and distributes the pieces to the digital table.
Adaptive users first think of adaptability when downloading.
Ravendish ger Puzzle \'adapts to playing in a personal style.
Indicates that users who want full control can manually classify parts into drawers by color or shape, and then drag them to the heap (Mashable .
The game can also choose to arrange all the pieces in the corner into a border.
This option can help ignorant children get familiar with the game.
For the first time or for those who need help, the game can be sorted out for you.
In addition, the 3D appearance of the puzzle is complex and the behavior is realistic. (
According to Thomas Bleyer, general manager of the digital division of ravendouger, ravendouger\'s experience in the jigsaw puzzle business in 100 helped them make the digital puzzle experience real.
He further added, \"The game provides a realistic physics engine, and even if you just drag your finger over the screen, the process of putting the puzzle together will feel tangible.
The company said that when the digital version of the puzzle was ready, they tested the app by making hundreds of traditional puzzle enthusiasts to use the digital version and collected feedback.
Based on the feedback provided, they also make sure that the digital version feels seamless.
This game requires a compatible device for iOS 5. 0 or later.
This is compatible with iPad 2 or other later versions. Price (
The ravensger puzzle game is currently available for $ months in the App Store. 99/[Pound)1. 99.
Other famous games in Ravensburg include Scotland Yard, stunning mazes, San Juan and Puerto Rico.
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