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Baby jigsaw puzzle how to wash, clean the jigsaw method

by:Lovelybird Toys     2021-03-25
Jigsaw puzzle is many babies like to play, but also the most easily stained to dust mites, so it is very important to clean, how to clean the baby jigsaw puzzle is best? A, material washing method: water, silk wool detergent, soft brush ( Or other tools instead of can also) 。 Practice: 1) In the basin into the water and silk wool detergent, using a soft brush or other tools to stir the water in the basin create rich foam, then with a soft brush with bubble will puzzle toys brush clean, do not touch on it is important to note that brush too much water. Brush clean puzzle toys after surface in bath towel wrapped puzzle toys, into the birdbath medium pressure wash fresh water. So can the dust within the jigsaw puzzle and detergent to remove and clean. ( 2) Then put the jigsaw puzzle in the basin with softener added appropriate soak for a few minutes, then wash several times in the birdbath sheng qing water medium voltage, until the water in the basin by turbidity becomes clear. Will clean the jigsaw puzzle is still wrapped in bath towel, gently in the washing machine dehydration, dehydration after the jigsaw puzzle after plastic comb and put in ventilated place dry. Note: when you hang to dry in ventilated place, had better not sun, not dry, not dry sterilization; Exposure to become angry. Second, coarse salt washing method materials: a bag of salt ( A grain of salt) And a plastic bag. Practice: put dirty puzzle toys in plastic bags, into the right amount of salt, and then transfer, shake shake. A few minutes later, in the jigsaw puzzle is clean, we see the salt has turned black. Remember: don't wash, it is suck! ! Can also be used for different length of puzzle toys, fur collar and cuffs; Can also be used in car seat ( Pour the salt scrub on the cushion) 。 Principle: the use of salt or sodium chloride on the adsorption effect of dirt, because salt has a strong disinfecting effect, not only clean the puzzle toys, also can effectively kill bacteria and viruses. Note: you can extrapolate, little things like the collar, the cushion for leaning on of the car also can use this method to 'clean'. Three, detergent washing method: apply suitable for electronics, kind of jigsaw puzzle. Ingredients: water, detergent or laundry detergent. Practice: in order to prevent the jigsaw puzzle on the small parts wear and tear, the accessories part of the jigsaw puzzle with sticky tape, knead into the laundry bag behind choice way wash washing, after dry, dry in the shade. Can pat jigsaw puzzle when dry, make its fur, padding fluffy, soft, the shape of the jigsaw puzzle toys after cleaning, that may better restorable. Principle: we usually wash the fish in clean water, add the right amount of detergent disinfection treatment. In the water at the same time, also can add right amount of detergent or laundry detergent to disinfection treatment, to achieve the function of antibacterial and anti mite. Four, baking soda washing method applies: fit in with the larger puzzle toys. Material: baking soda, plastic bags. Practice: buy a pack of baking soda, soda ash and dirty puzzle toy into a big plastic bag, put the mouth fasten forcibly shake, will slowly found puzzle toys clean. Finally, the soda powder into a film by adsorption of grime, remove the dump baking soda can. Note: this method is suitable for large jigsaw puzzle toys and voice. Five, the other method 1, hand washing: prepare the basin of water, into the detergent after stir until completely dissolved, blend in jigsaw puzzle in the squash with the hand to make cleaner, after water out and then burst into flames, rinse with water, jigsaw puzzle with a clean dry cloth wrap up a few minutes, will be part of moisture absorption, then air dry, or make the sunlight is also a good way. 2, dry cleaning, can be directly send dry cleaners dry cleaning, or to the store, buy special cleaning dry cleaner home cleaning, the dry cleaner spray on the surface puzzle toys first, stay with cloth to wipe again after two or three minutes [ Sun-drying] The sun is the easiest and most efficient to puzzle toys clean method. Ultraviolet (uv) light can effectively kill some invisible bacteria, guarantee basic hygiene jigsaw puzzle. But note that this method is only applicable to lighter color, because the fabric and material is different, some may may fade easily. Bask in, should be placed outdoor, if through the glass sun is no bactericidal effect. Often will puzzle toys to bask in the sun outside is very good. 3, wash: before directly into the washing machine to clean, should first will puzzle toys into the laundry bag, can, according to the general cleaning procedure using cold wash essence of than washing effect is good, and less injury wool, if use the general double effect syncretic of shampoo is good too. Wash need dry towel wrapped after dehydration, so as not to hurt the surface. 4, wipe: use the soft sponge or clean dry cloth, dab has diluted neutral detergent to wipe the surface, then wipe with water again. 5, disinfection: the longer puzzle toys, surface and within the more bacteria, rinse alone cannot achieve clean effect. At this point, will be in just the right amount of detergent in clean water for disinfection treatment. In the water at the same time, we can join the right amount of detergent or laundry detergent to disinfection treatment, to achieve the function of antibacterial and anti mite. After sterilization and washing of dry process, be sure to intermittent to flap of jigsaw puzzle, make its surface and filler fleeciness softness, restore good shape before washing. Jigsaw puzzle custom jigsaw puzzle toy factory toy custom jigsaw puzzle toys processing puppets made custom puzzle toys toy factory
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