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Boss to participate in the new situation of private enterprise growth peak BBS

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-10
Boss to participate in the new situation of private enterprise growth breakthrough peak BBS

this afternoon, three-dimensional puzzle building total was invited to the new situation of private enterprise growth through peak BBS '. The speaker is professor lang. In today's economic growth, excess capacity, higher labor costs under the new situation, our small and medium-sized enterprise should be how to face? E-commerce is a trend, and how to adapt to our small and medium enterprises, transformation and upgrading? For the economy of the future, professor lang talked a lot of his views. He is very bullish on logistics industry. The rise of electric business, greatly promote the development of logistics industry. Combining with the current committee attaches great importance to the city of electronic commerce, believe that for the general enterprises international trade city is a great good. As a private company, temporize, in 2011 set up the electronic commerce, after two years of efforts, has achieved very good results. The three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle of our brand's profile on the Internet is more and more high.
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