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Children of different ages in the choice of the toys are also different

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Now the toy market is more and more big, the varieties more and more, on the choice is more widely, it also brought troubles to the adults, how to buy is suitable for children to buy toys. The author summarizes a few knowledge points in different age groups of children choose toys are also different: 0 Children in this age group 1 years of age, the use of all the senses - Sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell to get to know their cognitive world. They will react to peripheral smells, sounds, such as vision, on the choice of toys can be done from the above aspects, for children to understand and cognitive goods size, shape, sound and using function. And kids need to exercise the preliminary crawl and grasping ability and so on, choose as far as possible when choosing toys or larger whole toys, safe for children to swallow the danger, not to choose toys with sharp. 1 - 1-3 years of age 3 years old kids are toddler stage, children like constant motion in their familiar environment, such as walking, climbing, pushing and riding, etc. General will imitate adults from the age of 2 the world, and began to produce strong interest to control objects and solve the problem. For a variety of light music toys and riding, climbing toys, row, push, there is strong interest; Now many have begun to contact this age children learning toy ~ 3 - 5 years old preschool children like to play with children and share the toys. They like to imitate adult's behavior, such as shopping mall shopping, imitate the cashier and make a phone call, playing house toys, but also build some imaginary place/his role, such as shops, hospital, etc. For the physical model also has a very keen interest in 6 - 9, school-age children can play in the process of seeking new information, new experiences and new challenges. With a strong sense of fairness, and social, in the age group of children are susceptible to peer influence, have very strong gender distinction. Advised to choose a toy: chess sports equipment, video games, models, and to hold the assembly puzzle toys, household sinotrans, house decoration toys - 9 For 9-12 years old children Age children 12 years of age, as a result of this phase they have gradually developed different personalities and interests, perhaps for toy preferences have their own ideas and understanding, invigorate the circulation of reading, science and technology, computer, arts and crafts, building models, performing arts, interested in sports games, etc.
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