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Cleaning method of various kinds of jigsaw puzzle

by:Lovelybird Toys     2021-01-06
Now life is getting better and better, every child has their own exclusive toys, especially falls into the category of girls much more special, such as jigsaw puzzle toys, paper jigsaw puzzle, jigsaw puzzle toys, barbie and so on, to know the toys in the process of playing a lot of bacteria on, if not timely cleaning has a harmful effect on children's health that parents should have a headache, is big and thick jigsaw puzzle toys, paper puzzles to how to clean, and different puzzle toy manufacturer for jigsaw puzzle paper making method is different, the cleaning method is different also, general toy manufacturers will own washing mark show on the jigsaw puzzle, the following introduce everyone to puzzle toys cleaning methods: a, dry cleaning: prepare the material: salt, big plastic bag. Methods: coarse salt and dirty jigsaw puzzle together into a big plastic bag, and then tied the pocket forcibly shake, let a good contact with coarse salt and jigsaw surface. Grow dark, you will find that the white sea salt and jigsaw puzzle can clean a lot. Wash: prepare the material: detergent, water, hand washing method: small toys can direct manual cleaning with water. The detergent directly dissolved in the water, gently jigsaw puzzle the dirty parts. Touch or use the soft sponge, take washing water wipe the surface of parts after wipe clean with clear water to wipe it again. Three, machine wash method: 1, the small toys to use tape first afraid of wear parts on accessories, put into the washing machine, choose downy washing way. Hang to dry after washing, the shade to dry, and intermittent pat toy, make its fur, padding fluffy and soft. 2, big toy can find filled seam, remove the filler ( Acrylic cotton) , also use adhesive tape to stick afraid of wear accessory parts, the toy skin soft washing in the washing machine, dryer, dry hanging the shade. Then put the stuffing in the toy in the epidermis, integers, suture. For some not so good, can use a hair dryer blow dry it appropriately.
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