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Combine planting puzzles

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-09-12
Combine planting puzzle

and grow the most basic requirement is to fun puzzle toys, but it's not easy to do this. At present a lot of children's toys are formed two patterns, or paying attention to the entertainment and the lack of early education function of the toy, or simply emphasize education and lack of the function of entertainment. Planting puzzles by new concept and design, combining entertainment and early education function, realized the real fun. Planting jigsaw puzzle is a three-dimensional puzzle, first it through a lot of insert into three-dimensional structure, and in these buildings and set aside to grow a plant space. Baby after together puzzles, real plants can grow, not only develop the patience, also lets the baby has a love heart. Planting puzzles of the original, let there is a new concept of development, three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle toys from the original simple, brain and hand, now love, gradually make a jigsaw puzzle toys more suitable for early education, also make the early education content more rich. Puzzle parent-child paradise series air garden grow three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle completely different to the conventional model, the overall appearance colorful, gives priority to color with orange and green, the phenomenon of modelling lifelike, air have a garden villa, after completion of assembly, can the children in the garden, planting his favorite small plants, suitable for family parent-child interaction, interactive games or more than 3 years old children! Close child paradise series health home grown three-dimensional three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle toys this paragraph as paper clip foam was made new environmental protection materials, with green environmental protection, sports health as the theme! Have children personally build outdoor playground, grow green belts, block with rich color, modelling is novel and lovely. Series of parent-child paradise seaside villa 3 d puzzle seaside villa grow 3 d jigsaw puzzle is a let the child experience planting fun puzzle toys, adopt new paper clip foam system, safe environmental protection, and puzzles will be the innovation of the seed plants play perfectly and beach, villas and other elements, suitable for kiss between child play! Love garden can be three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle rainbow house can grow 3 d jigsaw puzzle love's cabin can be grown children - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Editor: all rights reserved zlpuzzle. com ( ) Reprint please indicate the source
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