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Deadly! 3 d puzzle toy manufacturers lack of innovation ability

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-09-08
Deadly! 3 d puzzle toy manufacturers lack of innovation ability

introduction: products and innovation like a pair of twin brothers, 3 d puzzle toy manufacturer behind north of the products, the lack of innovation ability is the industry! There are two stories about once 3 d puzzle toy business owners: a company relies on a product made tens of millions, a corporate contact launched dozens of products, all have failed, the last paragraph, the success enterprise well from now on! Actually 3 d puzzle toy innovation to a great extent, is a kind of gambling. At present, most of the 3 d puzzle toy manufacturer design personnel in survival and outstanding design, also a lot of time and can't live to product ideas, but the boss or senior design amateurs to finalize, it is also in 3 d puzzle toy manufacturers lack of innovation ability is one of the main reasons! Moreover, money into 3 d puzzle toys products also lack of the main factors of innovation, improve product design and development capability, need to keep the appropriate long-term investment. And can input and reporting is proportional to the? Who also don't know, because there are competitors to grab the three-dimensional puzzle market continuously, many 3 d puzzle toy manufacturer poured to compete, their r&d and thus reduce! Real 3 d puzzles toys, to say the original design of the 3 d puzzle toy really really is too little, in the product development design is innovation, which is the basis of a lot of products are pure imitation directly copied, and not in combination with the market demand for translation, the original will not improve the innovative ability of 3 d puzzle toy manufacturers! Many facts show that the lack of understanding and exploring of the nature of the product is not for a long time, especially the large scale of 3 d puzzle toy manufacturers, to know that innovation is not the simple imitation, plagiarism, and should be integrated into their own value elements, such ability to innovate, to a sustainable path. , 3 d puzzles toys wholesale manufacturer, has been 17 years of history. Product quality is good, not only has more than 20 national patents and copyright hundreds of products, is also a Disney qualified suppliers, the company has a strong design team, every month of original products, the love of parents. Telephone: a: 3 d puzzle toy industry is need a lot of brand value: next article on the market need is valuable - 3 d puzzle toys - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Editor: all rights reserved, ) Reprint please indicate the source
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