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Five factors affecting foshan puzzle toys shrink warp

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Plastic buckling is not according to the design of shape forming, has occurred on the surface of the distortion, the plastic parts warp reason is the uneven contraction of the forming parts. If the plastic parts have uniform shrinkage rate, plastics deformation will not warp, and only can reduce size; However, due to the molecular chain/fiber with tropism, mold cooling, mold design, mold design and molding conditions of interaction of many factors, such as, to be able to achieve low or even contraction is a very complicated work. So affect foshan jigsaw shrink warp factor is what? 1, related to plastic crystallinity thermoplastics with crystalline and amorphous, crystalline molecular chain order, stability, close together, the cooling and solidification, the generation process of the nucleation to grain, amorphous plastic chain sort desultorily, when cooling solidification, no nucleation and grain growth process, is free of macromolecular chain 'frozen' 2, and pigments on the type of organic pigment in foshan jigsaw molding may act as a nucleating agent and promote the crystallization process, in general, the molecular structure of symmetrical pigment, affect the contraction, such as pigment red 254, pigment blue 15:1, pigment blue dissolved, phthalocyanine green 7, etc. , and inorganic pigment to contractionary impact is small, such as titanium dioxide, ultramarine blue can be neglected. 3, is associated with the form of paint pigments of various crystalline state, particles have needle, rod, ball and so on. If is acicular or rod, the length direction easily arranged along the direction of resin flow, thus causing shrinkage, and inorganic pigment is usually spheroidal, spherical which direction is the same, there is no direction arrangement problem, so the inorganic pigment usually don't have problems with shrink warp. So the crystalline plastics in the injection molding shrinkage rate generally is bigger than an amorphous plastics, thermosetting plastic is almost no effect, that is to say, shrink warp occurs only in the crystal type of plastic. 4, related to the pigment particle size the same types of pigment, different manufacturers craft, production is different also, the pigment particle size size may also affect shrink warp, when particle size big enough or small to a certain degree, molding shrinkage of small, this is not very good, also have no a unified standard, can only try in the practical application, in general, even the same pigment type, this factory production of deformation is serious, perhaps in another factory was pretty mild contraction warp. 5, associated with the forming temperature of pigment plastic molding, need melting temperature of plastic, the mold temperature with the variety of plastics, different processing methods and each are not identical, such as: 23, brown pigment pigment red 149 in processing temperature 220 ℃ can significantly affect the HDPE plastic shrinkage, temperature effects instead; 13 in HDPE yellow pigment, such as processing temperature is too low, the shrinkage of foshan jigsaw puzzle effect increases, so this is no rules to follow, in addition to according to the production process to test, if no other solution.
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