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Foshan jigsaw color is not stable is what reason is caused?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Now, foshan has been applied widely to puzzle toy, in the life, we are all very common, such as: electrical shell, and we usually use wash basin, are plastic, but in foshan puzzle toys processing, color instability is a common problem. 1, first of all, is to check the temperature of the injection molding machine, color is not stable, with injection molding machine high temperature low is related, so, in foshan puzzle toys processing, be sure to check first. 2, sometimes back pressure is too large, the production cycle is not stable, production cycle is not stable, sometimes stop will make the color change. 3, mixing work without mixing pigments according to mixing process and raw materials, such as insufficient time and way of feeding, or loading the order of the inconsistent results in uneven color points, this is also one of the causes of color is not stable, so, in the injection molding shell machining needs to be the key to check. 4, due to the raw material humidity is too big, the inside of the viscosity has not spread, can cause the foshan puzzle toys processing color is not stable. 5, the dosage of shuikou material back waxing, the bigger influence on the light color foshan jigsaw puzzle. 6, raw materials do not match the brand. Because each raw material base color is different, the same toner foshan jigsaw will have different colors. Sometimes the same supplier, raw material batch number is different, the base will be some deviation, so the product with high requirements for color deviation, even to control to the impression of each batch of incoming material. 7, the poor quality toner, no heat, or used the wrong is not suitable for the raw material use toner, will make the color is not stable.
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