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Foshan jigsaw injection process technology

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Foshan jigsaw injection processing color ditch ze degrees generally choose 10 or more, don't choose low luster inferior smooth, because of its surface hardness is low, below 1 h, and at the same time, injection processing don't wear, in order to improve the wear resistance, generally require the paint dry after hardness above 2 h, but when the hardness is too high can make the paint is very fragile, so generally don't more than 4 h, the surface hardness in order to make the fuel injection process to fulfill the requirements of surface hardness, generally choose double combination crosslinking type paint, at the same time, injection processing hard straight edge line, often have saw defects caused by flying oil etc. Foshan jigsaw puzzle injection technology is the hot oil material via heat source heating to molten or semi-molten state, through high-pressure air atomization and spray on the surface of the workpiece, the workpiece surface formed a kind of special coating surface machining method, called hot oil spray. Along with the 'continuous sedimentation superimposed' plastic particles, the combination between the particles should be mostly mechanical, there must be a certain number of holes. At the same time, hot oil is in the air, particle oxidation, molten state reason should exist oxide inclusions in the coating. Now foshan puzzle toys everywhere, but now living in the functional requirements of foshan jigsaw puzzle for people not just good like before, now not only beautiful appearance, but also economical and practical, that is now the focus of attention gradually focuses on the ratio of the above, then the foshan jigsaw spray surface treatment for the product marketing plays a vital role.
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