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Foshan jigsaw principle of structure design of a few big attention

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
The characteristics of foshan puzzle toys, unlike metal, that must be followed in the design of its performance characteristic to carry on the design, in the structure design, we need to follow the principle of several big what are you clear? Today the author to popularize the with you. A, in terms of material should be considered: 1, the physical and mechanical properties of plastics, such as strength, rigidity and toughness, elasticity, water imbibition, and sensitivity to the stress, etc. ; 2, plastic molding technology, such as liquidity, the crystallization rate, sensitivity to the molding temperature, pressure, etc. ; 3, the plastic products after molding shrinkage situation, and the differences to the shrinkage rate. Second, in the aspects of product shape: can satisfy the use requirement, is advantageous to the mold filling, exhaust, and at the same time to adapt to the high efficiency cooling sclerosis ( Thermoplastic plastic products) Or rapid heat curing ( Thermosetting plastic products) And so on. Three, in the aspect of mould: should consider its overall structure, especially the complexity of the core-pulling with out products. At the same time, should give full consideration to the shape of the mould parts and its manufacturing process, so that the product has a good economy. Four, in terms of cost, want to consider the profit margins of injection products, annual production and raw material prices, service life and replacement period, reduce the cost as much as possible. The above is the author to talk about the structure of foshan jigsaw puzzle design needs to follow the principle of the introduction, you know? Here the author is not much said, if you have doubt about jigsaw puzzle, welcome to inquire us, oh.
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