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Foshan jigsaw process smelly?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
If at the time of foshan puzzle toys processing has a great smell, this suggests that may be there is a problem of raw materials, there are impurities, or add some products. So how should solve? 1, the more the pure resin in a lot of plastic, especially in the polyvinyl chloride, styrene and poly (ethyl acetate and acrylic ester, such as plastic, remaining trace monomer will produce the bad smell. Using very hard resin monomer residue can eliminate the odor. If use itself this odorless resin also can have very bad effects. 2, change the additives polyurethane foam used in the production process of tertiary amine catalysts often leads to very low odor, one of the measures is to use a polyol, residual hydroxyl compounds is not but the composition of polyurethane molecular chain, so as well as catalytic activity, some polyol and can replace half of tertiary amine catalysts, it was the smell of product is less than. In PVC extrusion or smooth rolling process using phenol class agent is often replaced by high smooth bouquet of zinc agent, octylic acid tin stabilizers is also due to its high smell and low atomization characteristics and common in automotive PVC products, plant extracts oil such as erucic acid and oleic acid is higher than animal extract oil of amine lubricant ( Used in polyolefin with styrene kind food packaging materials) The smell of the much larger. 3, to join the adsorbent in polymer if filled a small amount of zeolite ( A kind of aluminosilicate adsorbent) , can play the role of removing material odor, the crystallization of zeolite has a large number of disk, the disk can capture with a smell of gas molecules, molecular adsorbent has been successfully used in polyolefin extruding tubing, the injection and extrusion blow molding containers, isolation of packaging materials, extrusion molding packaging materials and seal with polymer, molecular adsorption of powder also can be used as a moisture absorption agent adding plastic in addition to water, the water vapor will also help generate smell of plastic products.
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