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Foshan jigsaw puzzle is how processing

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Compression molding is one of the polyester effective processing method. This method is rapid, can be automated, produce less waste. Sheet molding compound ( SMC) Is a concentration of resin. Glass fiber, thickening agent, release agent, pigment and catalyst at an organic whole, which can make the damage to a minimum level of glass fiber, add a thermoplastic low shrinkage additive can improve the surface appearance. Successful development of A kind of can be cured 30 seconds and A class A surface SMC system, can use polyester production car body outer parts, such as the engine cover and luggage compartment lid. SMC can also be made car dashboard, headlight cover cover and the rear wheels. Other grades of SMC processing bath, dolly tub, pool waste material and parts of the electrical power distribution switch, fuse holder, and street lamp shade. Premixes and prefabricated overall molding compound ( BMC) Is in. Type blade mixer made of materials like a dough. Can be used to mold processing into dolly tub, plates, suitcase, equipment and electrical components. Injection molding is the most effective processing methods of polyester, compared with the compression molding of SMC can be more automated, and the performance of the products is more uniform, short curing time, low processing cost. TMCQ( Thick molding compound) Injection molding can be not only the electrical parts, but also in the production of car body parts. BMC in ∑ type paddle will damage the glass fiber, and TMC can reducing the damage to a minimum. Operating manual layup or paint to make large parts, such as boats. Also to undertake short-term production, so as not to use expensive machining mould. Share resin layer to join promoter and has thixotropy. Application of thixotropic agent ( Gas carbon black or organic clay) Can make the plant resin coated to the surface of a vertical mold, without the risk of flowing in front of the gel. Share resin of low styrene emission layer can make the factory in conformity with the relevant provisions of the government. Low-grade laminating resin has good covering power of glass fiber patterns. Examples of using layup and spraying process is boat, entertainment equipment, mobile home, building components, truck cab, playground facilities. Another shower of laminating resin to fill the trihydrate alumina ( ATH) Or gypsum, make with flame retardancy to comply with building codes, and does not increase the cost. Layup or spraying method when using gel coating, the coating is containing polyester paint, coating mold surface finally become one with laminated parts, it plays a protective glass fiber, produce permanent beautiful outside surface. For gel layer of resin for isophthalic acid resin, which generally contains new into diol, can make the products with water resistance and weatherability. Commonly used organic glass instead of vacuum forming mold and rubber coagulation. Organic glass as the outer surface of the glass fiber reinforced polyester composites, senior tub are produced in this way. Resin transfer molding ( RTM) Somewhere between layup method and compression molding processing method, RTM method is better than layup method, can control the thickness and has a smooth inner surface and outer surface. RTM method for mould cost much less than the compression molding in. Resin containing promoter into the static mixer with catalyst and finally into the mold of the lined with glass fiber mat, air, air vent discharge from the mold. Lower viscosity of the resin, in order to use the pump. Gel time should be long enough to ensure that the mold completely filled, but it requires the operation speed, to ensure the reasonable production efficiency. By using RTM processing of products has a boat, electrical shell, auto body external parts and chair. Luxury bathroom with artificial marble resin, should fill high quality packing, which can withstand thermal cycling tests. Filament winding molding in large diameter can be used in the manufacture of chemical storage tank and pipeline. Continuous legal plate process used to produce tablets and corrugated board, used as a room divider, roof, walls and roof. Pultrusion molding in different profile can be made up. Such as puzzles toys factory production car spring plate, flagpole, resistance to chemical corrosion of h-beam, park bench, archery bow.
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