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Foshan jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer: toy design should pay attention to those issues

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Toy design should pay attention to those matters 1, toy plans must be thinking about using various physical parameters. Please refer to the ergonomics. 2, need to carry the weight of children toy it is necessary to have enough stability. Cannot be overthrown. 3, the ejection of the top diameter of billiard perhaps analogues is necessary to not less than 2 mm. 4, toy parts can be moved in planning should prevent small parts. With a diameter ≦ 31. 7 mm, height ≦ 21. 4 mm sleeve parts can be set into the convicted for small parts. 5, metal edge needs to be rolled up, and prevent injury. Between the relative activities in June, toy parts, as well as any palpable appearance, contains a rider easily when the movement forced the body near the rigidity of the original data of holes, grooves and gap, not planning there are 5 ~ 13 mm gap hole hole might, prevent clip. If there is the gap must be planning holes, depth of no more than 10 mm. 7, out of the ground maybe other channels to carry a child has more than 600 mm may construct opening distance between 90 mm to 230 mm. If the gap opening must be planning, depth of no more than 100 mm. Prevent children fall fence railings distance and toys palpable all completely limit opens the mouth to follow the same rules. 8, used in station, running, may go the space appearance necessary ≦ 30 mm. 9, if toys planning has spring, it is necessary to be covered live. If open, so, in 1. After 4 kg of force, to bear the force of 32 kg, the formation of the cracks is poor can't st13 of 6 mm. 10 and ejection toy cartridges can't R ≦ 2 mm top. If is metal, the end plane of the area of not less than 3 cm2. 11, not planning to use PVC and rubber as materials, because of Pb, PAH, 6 phthalates overruns 12, all with protective covering the outside of the transmission structure is necessary. 13, toy planning process must prevent planning can clamp the lasso component interface.
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