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Foshan puzzle toy factory about how to prevent the occurrence of oxidation of jewelry?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Jigsaw puzzle for the use of something, foshan reminds us that we have to know what is the matters needing attention, so as to better use, at any moment and is not to be able to use, or is picked, jewelry, too, so how to prevent the occurrence of oxidation phenomenon of jewelry! Let the foshan jigsaw puzzle to tell us about it. 1, silver black does not wear or human body exists excessive toxins, if you don't wear clean up after put in sealed bag. Can't 2, silver and other metal jewelry worn together, because silver itself is soft, if wearing a collision with other metal jewelry, silver deformation and scratches may bag. 3, silver need to keep dry, don't wear swimming, avoid by all means a spa or going to the beach swim wear, silver ornaments good thermal conductivity, easy to deformation, and erosion, the water was wearing a silver oxide can happen. 4, the silver black convenient cleaning method is to use toothpaste, toothpaste, believe a lot of people have this is wearing silver ornaments are know knowledge, knowledge is also essential. Seriously 5, silver, yellow, with silver wash water soak time shoulds not be too long, usually a few seconds, remove immediately after cleaning with water, then dry your face
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