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Foshan puzzle toy manufacturer describes the development of plastic industry

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Synthetic resin synthetic resin is the main element of the plastic, its content is in commonly 40% ~ 100% in plastic. And, because of the large content of resin and often determine the nature of the properties of plastic, so people often put the resin as a synonym for plastic. Such as PVC resin and PVC plastic, phenolic resin and phenolics confuse STH with STH else. Actually, resins and plastics are two different concepts. Resin is a kind of unprocessed raw polymers, it not only used to make plastics, and coatings, adhesives and synthetic fiber materials. And plastic in addition to very few part of the resin containing 100%, the vast majority of plastic, in addition to the main components of resin, also need to join other substances. Second, the packing and filling agent, it can improve the strength and heat resistance of plastics, and reduce costs. Such as phenolic resin after adding wood powder can significantly reduce costs, make the phenolic plastic become one of the most cheap plastic, at the same time also can significantly improve the mechanical strength. Packing can be divided into two categories, organic filler and inorganic filler, such as wood powder, and cloth, paper, and a variety of fabric, etc. , the latter such as diatomite, asbestos, glass fiber, carbon black, etc. Three, plasticizer plasticizer can increase plastic plasticity and softness, reduce the brittleness, easy plastic processing and molding. Plasticizer is commonly miscibility with resin, non-toxic, odourless, optical and thermal stability of high boiling point of organic compounds, the most commonly used is phthalic acid esters. When the production of PVC plastic, for example, if add more can get soft PVC plastic plasticizer, if don't add or less add plasticizer ( Use & lt; 10%) , the hard PVC plastic. Four, foshan plastic stabilizer to prevent the synthetic resin by light and heat in the process of processing and use of the role of the breakdown and damage, prolong service life, add stabilizer in plastics. Commonly used with stearic acid salt, epoxy resin, etc. Fifth, colorants colouring agent can make the plastic has a bright, beautiful colors. Commonly used organic dye and inorganic pigment as the colorant. Six, lubricants, lubricant is to prevent the plastic in forming without glue on the metal mold, at the same time, can make the plastic surface is smooth and beautiful. Commonly used lubricants have stearic acid calcium and magnesium salts, etc. In addition to the above additives, plastic can also add flame retardant agent, foaming agent, antistatic agent composition such as plastic components we usually used in plastic and is not a pure substance, which is composed of many materials. The polymer ( Or synthetic resin) Is the main component of plastic, in addition, in order to improve the performance of the plastic, and add all kinds of auxiliary materials in the polymer, such as packing, plasticizer, lubricant, stabilizing agent, colorant, etc. , to become a good performance of plastic.
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