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Foshan puzzle toy manufacturer: jigsaw classified by raw material how to

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Polymer is made up of many small and simple structure of small molecules, by covalent bonds to combine. There are many types of polymers, generally if the change of heat to classification, it can be divided into two major categories of jigsaw puzzle toy materials, foshan puzzle toy factory today to detailed introduce for everybody, and see it together. A, thermosetting plastic: refers to after heating, can make the molecular structure combined with reticulate type, but combined with reticulate polymer, even heating won't soften, shows the so-called non reversible change, is caused by the molecular structure is changed. Second, thermoplastics: refers to the heat can melt, after can flow to mold after cooling molding, again after heating and melting plastic, can use of heating and cooling, make its produce, is the so-called physical change. Jigsaw puzzle according to the main application range points are general plastics such as PE/PP/PVC/PS, engineering plastics such as ABS/POM/PC/PA several. There are some special plastic, such as resistance to high temperature and high humidity and corrosion resistance and other modification of plastics for special use. Jigsaw puzzle toy materials used and color processing 1, toys most recycled raw materials, but due to the double plastic raw materials to brittle than normal, so only can be used mixed with new material, proportion is the largest not more than 25% is more appropriate, at the request of customer standards for the principle. Various types of plastic material for the melting point is different, injection pressure of different, must not be confused in production. 2, because want to cooperate with color puzzle toys, plastic raw materials can be divided into: therefore pumping aggregates, pigments, color material, and recently appeared to add liquid coloring in the plastic raw materials. Take grain of raw material is mixed pigment into the raw material, every grain of the plastic material have been shaded, so to form stable product color evenly. Color toner and kind of material is mix color or toner raw material use, low cost, and don't need to store large amounts of non-ferrous materials. But color is not stable, more difficult to control in the production of unity. See here believe that everyone is clear for jigsaw classified by raw material, the foshan puzzle toy manufacturers today is not much said, hope this article can help you.
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