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Foshan puzzle toy manufacturer: puzzle toys for children to play, there is what?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
What are suitable for young children to play puzzle toys? Rapid development of science and technology nowadays, what kind of jigsaw puzzle has lead to many parents will be wondering when selecting toys, so how to choose suitable for children's toys? This question a lot of families have doubts, foshan jigsaw puzzle the author will introduce today. 1, singing about grants the intelligence of foshan jigsaw puzzle toys be able bear, with singing and telling stories, playing games, to recognize Numbers, and other functions, fully develop baby's interest in learning, train baby's finger flexibility and sense of direction. In her guidance, the children will be happy to accept singing, storytelling, tongue twisters, learn English, learn knowledge, guessing riddles, and interaction. 2, lego toy building blocks toys is relatively simple, child can divergent thinking, pile construction they want. From the children's works, perhaps strange, maybe the craftsmanship. Let the children turn their ideas into practice, stimulate the imagination of children, and at the same time, the building blocks to training of the child's coordination. Foshan puzzle toy bricks bear is composed of six parts, head, body, two hands, two legs, and tail can be removed, activity place built-in magnets, magnet attraction can be used to any combination. Suitable for age: above 3 years old baby. . Parents, of course, also can teach baby to components to be removed, and in the correct position. So then you can train baby movement accuracy, objectivity and hand-eye coordination, can also train baby fingers grasping ability and enhance their wrist force. 3, jigsaw puzzle toys, toys, puzzle toys can let children puzzle, trying to think of that piece of what it was like. And imagine in my mind of graphics and alternative comparison and screening. Jigsaw puzzle for the analysis of force and exercise child imagination is very effective. 4, flip toys this type of toy, typical natural is the rubik's cube. Rubik's cube is very challenging to play, can develop children's thinking ability, and can improve hand-eye coordination ability, also can exercise the muscle flexibility. ( This is suitable for older children) What are suitable for young children to play puzzle toys? The above several kinds of puzzles, toy is more common and practical type. More consult foshan jigsaw puzzle toys.
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