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Foshan puzzle toy manufacturer to tell how to choose good accessories

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Foshan jigsaw puzzle to tell you, when choosing some ornaments, the first to identify whether there is a national product safety certification marks ( The 3 c certification) , choose professional manufacturers of products, accessories to apply Yu Baobao ages, but also consider from the following aspects: first, mechanical damage: foshan jigsaw puzzle to tell you, to see if toys have burr, edge smooth, whether sharp edges and corners. Parts of the toy and screw is rigid, all kinds of belt transmission device is safe. Rope easily wrapped the baby body, the widget is easy to cause the baby swallowing, into the nose and ears, the toy gap is likely to cause the baby body task, etc. Second, material pollution: including coatings ( Heavy metal pollution, chemical dye) , material ( Including filler, plastic products and plastic film) Pollution, prevent pollution damage to the baby. Three, light pollution and damage: foshan children toy manufacturer to tell you, the noise and various light easy to cause damage to the child's immature of visual and auditory, also need to pay attention to tone, timbre, rhythm, rhythm, tone, etc.
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