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Foshan puzzle toy manufacturers to share in the process of injection mold gate area defect phenomenon, how to solve?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Let's gate area presents disadvantages in the process of injection mold, a picture of this attack is due to what reason? Is there any good way to handle? Which constitute the scene is in several ways, let foshan puzzle toy manufacturers gradually analysis for you. one Line 1. Causes: in the direction of the straight parts point gate planning, when we do the injection parts appearance presented based in gate of different luster and color depth of radiation system, called light line. Generally there are three kinds of performance, the dark line at the bottom of the dark, dark bottom line of dark and dark lines around the gate and pale. Most of this kind of defect in system of polystyrene filled with a mixture of modified polystyrene, related to the following factors: the two kinds of material has difference in rheology and color, layer velocity of turbulent flow in the stratosphere and pouring system and heating is different; Plastic generated by thermal differentiation burnt wire; Gaseous substances that trouble when plastic into the mold. 2. The solution: (1). Use mixed plastics, mix well plastic, plastic particle intrusive to the same and uniform. ②。 Plastic and coloring agent to be mixed evenly, if necessary, take appropriate dispersant, with mechanical mixing. ③。 Plasticizing to fully, plasticizing function of the machine to be outstanding. ④。 Drop the injection pressure and speed, shorten the injections and the holding time, together progressive die temperature, nozzle temperature, progress together with the furnace temperature before cutting. ⑤。 To avoid the degradation of plastic and viscosity increase the melt and coking material: such as pay attention to the screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel is wear and corner, or heating system is out of control, processing and improper operation form plastic heating and differentiation for a long time. Can after polishing the screw and cylinder appearance in front. ⑥。 Improve the gate planning, such as expanding the runner diameter, change the gate position, the runner rounded corners transition, try to part of the heating of gate, on the port side to increase cold slug well. two Cold material 1. Causes: cold material spot near the gate is mainly refers to product with color or a light mist markings or set off from the gate as if the earthworm in the curved scar above, they are made up of plastic into the cavity striker or later by far the pressure effect of crowded into the cavity of the slag composition, forward material due to shoot tip or flow cooling effect to heat transfer, before entering the cavity parts by cooling solidification, when through the narrow gate and expand into the cavity, constitute the melt break, then by later hot melt material push, then became a cold spot. 2. The solution: (1). Cold slug well for good. Consider on the gate, in the form of range and azimuth, avoid the material of cooling speed disparity. ②。 Nozzle base to set, shoot tip on the mold filling with dimensions to plan, avoid missing or forming a cold material into the cavity. ③。 Mold displacement. The trouble of the gas will make the gate presents haziness markings. ④。 Progressive die temperature. To slow down the injection speed, increasing injection pressure, low pressure and injection time reduction, low pressure reduction. ⑤。 Good boring plastic. Use less lubricant, avoid powder contaminated. The above information is in the process of injection mold gate area presents disadvantages scene and processing scheme, to learn more puzzle toy factory in foshan, foshan puzzle toy manufacturer information, look forward to log on to our website to check more or to inquire.
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