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Foshan puzzle toys, small make up to tell you why when injection molding processing have craze

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Foshan jigsaw puzzle the author tell you why when injection molding processing have craze? Refers to the use of plastic injection molding machine injection tooling heat plastics plasticized melt, and then injections in the molding cavity forming, after cooling, the melt solidification after demoulding, injection molding machine injection molding products. Injection molding products is heavy and complicated using range is wide, especially in the electronic processing, light industry and car manufacturing, there are many shapes foshan jigsaw injection plus work parts. In the manufacturing process of plastic cracking is ubiquitous phenomenon in the injection molding production, will also produce directly on the product quality and economic benefit. Now from processing skills, the three aspects of information quality and the mould precision are analyzed. A, processing skills: 1, processing pressure, speed too fast, the more filling material, injection, the holding time is too long, too much will constitute the internal stress and crack; 2, adjust the molding speed and pressure to avoid rapid control composition from cracking; 3, the injection pressure is too low, maybe too fast injection; 4, preparedness for weld mark, foshan jigsaw injection molding processing and degradation of a lower mechanical strength and fracture; 5, appropriate use of release agent, often pay attention to eliminate surface adhesion of materials such as aerosol; By June and residual stress parts, can be in forming were immediately after annealing heat treatment to eliminate internal stress and reduce the generation of crack; 7, without lubrication or lubrication but Clinton; 8, properly raise the mold temperature, make the product easy to demould, appropriate lower temperature to avoid differentiation; 9, producing products, because the plastic in the cavity of the non-uniform cooling and uneven shorten planning and product structure is not reasonable, easy to cause the product flaws; 10, plasticizing, the molten melt completely and evenly phase; B, data quality: 1, the reworked material content is too high, constitute parts strength is too low; 2, humidity, make some plastic and chemical reaction, water vapor attack strength while in ejection cracks; 3, the original information and guess the impurities or reworked material overruns; 4, the original material moisture content is too large; 5, the data itself is not appropriate processing environment or poor quality, will constitute a contaminated craze. 6, original guess volatile matter beyond the specification; C, mould precision: 1, the ejection to balance, such as pole number, cross-sectional area should satisfy, draft should satisfy, cavity surface must satisfy the lubrication, such ability avoid because of external forces cause the residual stress and crack have gathered. 2, the structure of the parts can't be too thin, the transition part should try to choose arc transition, avoid sharp corners, chamfering stress have gathered. 3, with metal insert less as far as possible, in order to avoid the insert and shorten the rate of different parts constitute the internal stress. 4, molding process is not perfect, the primary performance in the connotation of the convex and concave die forging billet quality is poor, there is something wrong with the heat treatment skills and technology, a convex and concave die quenching, have a soft spot and uneven hardness; 5, deep bottom parts shall set up appropriate demoulding inlet channel, to avoid a vacuum negative pressure; 6, the main way to meet ambassador before gate material curing mold release, such easy to stripping; 7, trunk liner and nozzle joint should avoid cold hard material, drag and make the parts stick on the fixed mould; 8 planning problem of the die structure, die structure is not reasonable. Thin punch was not planning to reinforce equipment, discharging mouth not free a boundary discharge force with ambassador punch receiving alternating load increase, etc. ; 9, foshan jigsaw injection tooling mold temperature is too low and poor liquidity of the melt;
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