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Foshan toy factory tutor you a children's toy

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
With the improvement of living standards, children's toys more and more, so parents should how to sort out these toys to foshan toy factory to tell you! 1, put the most commonly used toys in a prominent position in the toys into the classification of avoid by all means is too carefully, for a long time, mom where he forgot to put in. Every baby everyday hand toys, such as bears, appease towels such as small volume, and the baby goes to where the little thing. Mothers usually receive, will be placed in prominent locations, such as TV ark drawer or near the top of the drawer, convenient for adults to take or receive. 2, looking for the right 'game' toy 'spreading' multiple sites at home than in centralized put together well, such as can be placed in the car, grandpa's grandmother home. So more can improve the utilization efficiency of toys. Different toys suitable for playing in different places, such as remote control car best in outdoor play, but with the component of the toy ( Such as constructive building blocks, puzzles, etc. ) Is suitable for playing on the table or small carpet, such a widget does not scattered and couldn't find it. 3, clever keeps it fresh cycle too many toys for children is overstimulated, there's no way to play the desired effect. It might as well temporarily collection part, every few weeks then do a 'loop'. To do so is that the benefits of children in a certain period of time can be focused on a small toy. When parents frequently to 'cycle' toys, children can always be a novelty. 4, clearing cannot use toys if find a toy defect parts so they can't work, it should be classified as 'clean' without hesitation. For those with children grow up and no longer applicable toys, also should give up. 5, storage is too difficult to operate the toy might as well put the toy garage it is difficult to operate the toy away first. Want to know, complex age young children's intelligence toys to development, even cause potential danger. Best temporarily, they will take out later is not late. 6, respect the opinions of the children toy should fully respect the opinions of the children, can't force or threat, especially when discarded toys should tell children what's going on why have you rejected, makes every effort to fight for his approval. As for the 'outdated', but insisted children still cherish and don't want to get rid of the old toys, might as well keep a few things. 7, baby toys on display there are rules most often play in the baby can take put freely, only children can get what he want to use, can become increasingly independent. Toy arrangement also pay attention to rules, such as to the heavier toy on the ground floor, so that when children get, don't hit him; And easy to get dirty activity supplies ( Paints, crayons, clay and color pen) Should be on top, baby don't get at will. Parents should also be taught the baby in containers with words or pictures on the label, it is easy to identify children's toy inside the box. Slowly, the child has learned how to classification, sorting, and develop the good habit of physical replaced. 8, patience guide good habits if always keep the commands, urged, rebuke, punishment, threats such as attitude and children playing and toys into together, the result is that children don't want to play, also don't want to clean up. Clever mother met toy notorious, everywhere disorderly throw of, don't make a frown face, but with pleasant expression cheerfully said to him: 'hey, you had more time! Conveniently plus 'and use the atmosphere a' small toys also want to go home to bed, let mother pick up together with you! 'This is relaxed and happy to play and tidy toys education together. 9, encouraging children to exchange toys toy again good, the children play for a long time will also be bored with, tired of don't cherish it. Might as well make some friends with same age children, make a toy with exchange, encourage the children don't want to play with your own toys to exchange, in the process of exchange adults don't interfere with or give the child too much advice
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