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Foshan toy manufacturers: Disney accused of using software to collect information about children's game

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
, according to the science and technology website ReCode class-action lawsuit, in the last week by the Walt Disney company was charged with violation of privacy protection, use of 42 children game APP to collect personal information, and will share the information with advertisers. The case for Disney and three software companies - — Upsight、团结与Kochava。 These companies have been accused of using protection embedded software mobile phone App to track, collect and share children's personal information. Although the information collected in the App Store is very common, but the federal trade commission ( FTC) For Internet companies to collect and use the information data of the children under the age of 13 have strict laws and regulations. According to the U. S. children's online privacy protection act ( 杯) Regulation, commercial sites must first obtain consent from parents, can children under the age of 13 personal information collected. At the same time, the website before did not get a parental consent, will not let the children to use E-mail, chat rooms, or on any network can exchange personal information interaction with strangers.
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