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Global online orders rose 88% during outbreaks, DIY supplies, puzzle toys growth significantly

by:Lovelybird Toys     2021-03-25
Date: 2020 04 - Source: 20 Internetretailing, browse English website Fashion 857 comments: 0 core clew: compared with earlier this year, at the end of march the global online orders rose by 88% - — Internet retail market research company recently quoted Internet Retailing marketing company Mapp data show that compared with earlier this year, at the end of march of global online orders rose by 88% - — DIY supplies, jigsaw puzzle, beauty makeup a guard and paper reading is the most prominent performance category. Due to the blockade around the world, housebound people for themselves at home, DIY) Tools and materials needed for the average electricity orders increased by 212%, and is the fastest-growing category. Puzzle toys category of electricity and beauty makeup orders increased by 90% and 64% respectively, among them, the puzzle toys orders increase is mainly due to the school and kindergarten school yet, but it is not clear beauty makeup a care category orders increase is due to a lot of people buy daily necessities, especially health supplies. In contrast, by the end of march, apparel electricity did not show obvious is affected by the outbreak of the new champions league, the average order quantity remains the same, but subject to the reduce of outdoor sports, sports clothing and equipment orders fell 45%. In addition, household ( + 17%) And electronic products ( + 9%) Orders also has a small growth, which is closely connected with people's demand for home office equipment increase. During outbreaks, people access to e-commerce sites more concentrated in at 6 am to 8 PM, browse the news are concentrated in the 4 PM to 7 PM. The continuous attention to the development of the outbreak, promote the development of the international news media - — Paper publication reading quantity increased 68%, the website traffic increased by 84%. Jigsaw puzzle toys customized cartoon 3 d puzzle toy manufacturers custom puzzle toys custom make to order custom cartoon show clothing manufacturer
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