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How do children's puzzle toys clean is better

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Jigsaw puzzle lovely soft, always is one of the parents and the baby's favorite toy. But jigsaw puzzle is composed of soft fabric and cotton, this two kinds of materials are simple external infection stains and water, and then into the growth of bacteria. The baby play time, hard to avoid can have a cuddle with puzzle toys and so on skin touch, so a simple jigsaw puzzle can affect the health of the baby, and make it difficult to find. Toys clean is essential for healthy baby. Believe that many parents. Puzzle toys and quilts, pillows, home into the water absorbent, and hard to dry, clean and difficult. If they lose and don't give up, and children also will not be pleased. But clean and very simple, and easy to get dirty, and it's trouble to the dry cleaner. So now, have a wonderful way to make you clean jigsaw puzzle can be at ease. 1. First of all, prepare a bag of salt ( A grain of salt) And a plastic bag. Then put the jigsaw puzzle in plastic bag inside, add the appropriate amount of salt, tie up the mouth, shaking force, after a few minutes, the toy will be clean, salt will be absorbed jigsaw stain and black. Salt can disinfect sterilization. 2. Larger puzzle toys, can put the baking soda and jigsaw puzzle in plastic bags, the same mouth fasten forcibly shake, soda powder will turn black, then just get rid of baking soda. This method is suitable bulky or will puzzle toys.
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