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How to discern the stand or fall of jigsaw puzzle? Jigsaw puzzle toy factory teach you five methods

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Puzzle toy is children's favorite, generally, when we buy a jigsaw puzzle will not check, like children, buy good, in fact not like this, we first look at the puzzle toy is good no problem, then how should we check? Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturers today is to teach you. A trick: whether the outer packing, logo is complete general domestic toy packing marks: must be included in the 'CCC' logo, producer name and address, telephone number, material composition, product name, model: trick 2: see the product appearance materials general brightness is better; Color is more bright-coloured; To see all; The thickness of the material, the thickness of the high grade product general material thicker ( The price also is higher) More resistant to fall off, general plastic breaking prone to acute Angle and fine particulate matter; Products above possible stabbing or sharp cutting edge and edge; Third trick: try product features: whether normal lighting: too harsh voice: whether moderate the cohesive solid trick four components: smell open product whether there is a very pungent, generally there will be a plastic of mild flavor, but if it is not too thick is no; Methods 5: more contrast and see which high cost performance; A toy toy market now has dozens of manufacturers are doing. See here, everyone learned how to check the stand or fall of jigsaw puzzle? Jigsaw puzzle toy factory is not much said, today have questions need friends not much said, hope this article can help to you.
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