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How to give the child of choose and buy high quality toys, puzzle toys factory tell you

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Mid-Autumn National Day double festival approaching, children's toys usher in a new round of consumption peak, the market has a type of toys, from low-grade to high-grade we should how to identify the toy is good or bad? Many parents the most headaches is don't know how to discern the stand or fall of toys? Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturers now tell you about how to identify the quality of the toy and should pay attention to the problem. Trick if the outer packing, logo is complete general domestic toy packing marks: must be included in the 'CCC' logo, factory name, address, telephone, material composition, product name, model: trick 2 see brightness compared commonly good product appearance and raw materials; Color is more bright-coloured; To see all; The thickness of the material, the thickness of the high grade product general material thicker ( The price also is higher) More resistant to fall off, general plastic breaking prone to acute Angle and fine particulate matter; Products above possible stabbing or sharp cutting edge and edge; Trick three test product features: whether normal lighting: too harsh voice: whether moderate cohesive solid parts trick four smell open product whether there is a very pungent, generally there will be a plastic of mild flavor, but if it is not too thick is no; Methods five more contrast and see which high cost performance; A toy toy market now has dozens of manufacturers are doing. Foshan toys co. , LTD. , founded in 1989, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, the staff 200 people, is located in foshan city electricity logistics new ma chung town, is a 28 years of experience in OEM. Set mold development, injection molding, painting & amp; Fuel injection, assembly & amp; Packaging and shipping in the integration of factory, foshan jigsaw puzzle toys, foshan puzzle toys manufacturing of modern processing enterprises. Main business of plastic toys, cartoon dolls, puzzle toys, water gun, ejection series puzzle toys. Products are exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, the Middle East and other countries. The company internal organization structure is perfect, has mold department, engineering department, quality department, sales department, purchasing department, material control department, production department, the ministry of personnel, accounting, etc. , each department serial closely, close coordination, smooth operation. We have a professional team, all products using environmental protection material, every link from raw materials to shipment through strict test, the indicators, the craft are compliance with the safety standards of Europe and the United States and Japan and other exporters, let all pin fee can rest assured the safe use.
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