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How to select the jigsaw puzzle for the customer?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Toys, on the whole, can be said to be the species diversity, have puzzle toys, puzzle toys, puzzle toys and so on, but the tiny toy store can't can prepare to what kind of jigsaw puzzle, but must determine the flagship project of shop, specializing in one or more of the following toys. It depends on the target customers shop is what kind of people. If around the school, so funny toys should be as the main; If your store near the office or high-end community, educational classes, puzzle toys should be some more, other toys, of course, also want to be prepared, you can at the beginning of the opening according to your research and judgment to buy some toys, and then according to the customer response to adjust. In general, toy parts, all kinds of toys should purchase two sets of ( Jigsaw puzzle toys, or educational class) , should remain at about 80 kinds of varieties, can see a circumstance to prepare some other toys. These toys are generally need to have more than 5000 yuan in stock. In toys to sell this part, the value of 500 yuan of above toys into four or five, three or four sets of each preparation. If too much inventory, it will take up a lot of money, the shop has a large inventory pressure. Within 100 yuan toys, especially the small toys with lower prices or adornment, should keep smooth supply channels, for at any time.
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