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In the first half of this year most types of toys into the eu report

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
In the first half of this year, the European Union and the United States combined notification and recall unqualified goods 1153 cases in our country, meanwhile, the eu non-food rapid warning system ( 库) Released a total of 1007 cases of product bulletin, 543, unqualified goods hit China's exports of the European Union on 53 of the total. 92%; The U. S. consumer product safety commission ( 消费品安全委员会) Recalled products since 146, during which recall the product batch 65, 44 of its total recall. 52%, become our country produce consumer goods notification and recall the main stream of the European and American countries. Notify hit product range more widely. In the first half of this year, our country exports the European and American toys, electronic appliances, textile and garment, lighter, building products and motor vehicles, total 31 varieties of other products have been notified, compared with the same period last year, about product categories increased the laser pointer, gas equipment and accessories, stationery and so on. Reported, meanwhile, the European Union is one of the most toys, total 278 cases, 51 of the total number of eu to our country report. 20%, has four years in the European Union's biggest product in our country. The United States recalled to me the most is the electrical and electronic products, a total of 22, 33 of the total number of us recall in China. 84%. All kinds of skills and regulations on export. In recent years, European and American countries and regions have repeatedly after all kinds of skills and regulations of China's export barriers, our country enterprise needs to pay for this high detect cost and certification fees, and has repeatedly been notified. In the first half of this year, China's export products due to violate the eu been reported more than 70 regulations and instructions, meanwhile, a total of 213 batches of export products, against the eu toy safety directive, 39 of the total number of eu notified products in our country. 23%; 101 batch of export products, against the low-voltage directive, accounting for more than 18. 6%. In addition, the eu chemicals authorized registration evaluation and constraint rules ( 达到) , personal protective equipment instructions, mechanical mixture, the material and classification, labels and packaging regulations ( CLP) And harmful substances in the electrical and electronic equipment directive ( ROHS) And products are exported to the eu has important influence to our country. Our country imports because of heavy metals, toxic and harmful substances, packaging, labels, such as against the U. S. consumer product safety 'and other relevant laws and regulations were status is more outstanding. Personal safety hidden danger is Europe and the United States. Report the situation analysis from the eu and for export products may cause cut, hearing impairment, get an electric shock to human body, asphyxia and burns and other direct damage caused by 405, the proportion is as high as 74. 58%, chemical damage, environmental pollution and harm of microbes other damage accounted for only 25. 42%. Recall situation, from the United States hit a 65 recall cases in our country, besides 1 reason chemical damage have been recalled, other 64 cases are related to personal injury directly. Most products are adopt compulsory measures. Been reported for the product, the general adoption of risk warning, recall, forced to withdraw from the market, the banned the sale, to reject entry and destroy the solution. From the report the situation in the first half of this year in China and the European Union member states competent agencies adopt compulsory measures 531, accounting for more than 97. The same period 8%, year-on-year 32% progress. Meanwhile, adopt compulsory withdrawal from market, recall and destroy 485, accounting for more than 89. 3%; European customs reject entry 47, accounting for more than 8. 66%. Adopt a risk warning and other measures of only nine, accounting for more than 1. 66%. The United States to unqualified products all adopt the mandatory recall method.
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