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Jiangsu 53% of wooden toys safe hidden trouble

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-09-09
Jiangsu save 53% wooden toys safe hidden trouble

recent pledges inspect bureau of jiangsu province of jiangsu on the market of wooden toys, ejection toys, plastic toys, plush toys, printing and children toys and other products made a supervision and sampling inspection and risk monitoring, in jiangsu province pledges inspect bureau recently said at a news conference on the market 53% of the children's safety, wooden toys for children's environmental quality printing toys but overall is good, more than eighty percent, only individual has certain security hidden danger, moreover sampling percent of pass is only about 6 into plush toys. The following is the specific content: wooden toys security risks of individual batches of heavy metal exceeds bid more than half to xuzhou quality inspection center spot-check 100 batches of wooden children's toys, in the quality control department for solvent residue, the two projects friction fastness in dyeing fastness in risk monitoring, found that there is a problem of 53%, that is to say, more than half a security risk. Poisonous and harmful chemicals, but enters the body, there is a risk of poisoning. Founder jay said. Plush toys forty percent sampling rejected many formaldehyde province pledges inspect bureau commissioned yangzhou quality inspection by the provincial ejection toys, plastic toys, plush toys and other children toys to conduct supervision and spot checks, spot check of 118 batches, there are two batch confirmed for counterfeit products, the average qualified rate of 84. 7%. Among them, the qualification rate of 97 plastic toys. The 100% pass rate 2%, the ejection toys and plush toys, percent of pass is only 60%, forty percent is not qualified. Yangzhou by qc engineer liu said, plush toys of the main problem is the lack of signs and instructions, or without Chinese signs, etc. In addition, there are some plush toys of detachable small parts, children easy choking after swallowing. In addition, most of the toys of textile accessories formaldehyde to exceed bid. Printing toys toxic gas detection in a batch of puzzles, stickers, paper folding, three-dimensional hand four types, such as children's toys to 15 batches of risk monitoring products, a batch of ethylbenzene and xylene does not conform to, one batch confirmed for pirated products, the total coincidence rate is 86. 7%. Books and periodicals printing products quality inspection station in jiangsu province vice adsense Zhu Jie said that at present the country to the primary and secondary school textbooks for compulsory green printing, but not printing toys for children compulsory, printing children toys on the market there are few environment mark product certification. The detected problems for benzene content exceeds the relevant standards, is the excessive toxic or harmful gases. Zhu Jie said that excessive intake may cause cancer. Want to see, smell, 1 to buy toys. See the logo label related content is complete, as well as the matters needing attention, suitable age range, etc. 2. To smell it and see if it is faulty or irritating smell. New wooden toys appropriate ventilation air is basked in. 3. See possible stab, the children that scratch the skin of sharp tips and edges, and may endanger children eating swallowing small parts. 4. Remind children not to put the toy in the mouth suck, should be timely to wash their hands after playing. 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