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Jigsaw puzzle, a kind of ancient and classical educational toys

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-07-31
Jigsaw puzzle, a kind of ancient and classical educational toys

puzzle toys, an ancient and classical educational toys, first introduced from abroad, he didn't have a barbie doll powder YuZhuo, no warm and lovely teddy bear, no advanced remote control racing complex, fascinating, not video games are played on help babies intelligence development, has the beauty of the original. Toy is not necessarily beautiful elegant, focused on the process of toys. Semi-finished products toys may be more can let the baby to enjoy it, perhaps this is the secret of a world in a grain of sand! A beautiful story, jigsaw puzzle 'to check & ndash; — The origin of the jigsaw puzzle is said to be introduced to our country from the European and American countries. Rumors as early as in A. D. 1762, the British school to help the children know the world map, grasp the geographical location, is divided into many irregular small pieces of the map, let the children through the puzzle of the correct maps, learning geography. Later puzzle also became Europe and the United States is very popular educational toys. Second, the toy is small, but it can make you benefit low puzzle toys & ndash; — Vitamins for brain puzzle is one of many intellectual toys, its design is simple, no complicated structure, and the price cheap, easy to play. To children, however, in a certain time, a bunch of very chaotic, the seat of tiles, the spell of fixed, a can't wrong beautiful design, is indeed a need to have keen powers of observation and considerable patience to finish the work. In each other irrelevant pictures, finally find a able to connect, to cultivate their thinking ability is very good exercise. Therefore, someone compares the jigsaw puzzle is for brain vitamins. Low play jigsaw puzzle & ndash; — A lot of good yo in the process of puzzles, can cultivate baby's ability to observe and analysis. To clutter jigsaw puzzle together, just need good observation, and detailed analysis the results, how to arrangement can make full figure; In addition, the baby can cultivate the habit of self-discipline and team cooperation consciousness, because, after each time in the jigsaw puzzle toys, let the baby your jewelry, can thus get into the habit of sorting things. A person's strength is limited after all, the more difficult puzzles, a baby needs to be done and partners to better, this process is the team work, a kind of spirit which is very important to us. Finally, the jigsaw process can also cultivate the baby to play and hands-on ability. Jigsaw puzzle, in a certain history and story, parents can play in the baby before to tell the story of the puzzle, and then let the baby to retell so as to improve the listening and speaking skills of the baby, the baby in the process of playing, beginning ability is definitely can get a good exercise. Third, how to choose puzzle toys for your baby? The size of the puzzle is inversely proportional to the child's age should be a 5 year old children can play 18 ~ 35 pieces of puzzle. School children play 50 ~ 100 piece of the puzzle. Jigsaw puzzle attractive graphical selection. Jigsaw puzzle patterns mainly food, cars, animals, boy, girl, and the scene as well. Fourth, how to teach your baby to play with puzzles? Mastermind behind the scenes, appreciation education children began to play puzzles, parents must be in next to guide and help him learn how to play. Because the child age small, observation analysis ability is weak, has not been too much patience. Parents in the side to be his playmate, timely remind him to observe design characteristics, turn block diagram to the right point of view, makes him easy to find the link between the block diagram, or quietly handed the correct figure block into the hands of the children, inspire his bold begin, strive for success. By Jane to numerous, step by step for children didn't play jigsaw puzzles, you'd better to demonstrate his four pieces of puzzle into a complete picture of the process, and let him watch the final spell pattern. Then you try to remove the 1 piece of the puzzle, aside, this puzzle is missing a piece, and then let him watch move that piece of the puzzle of the up and down or so of the edge and color features, and let your child try to put this piece of the puzzle back to its original position, form a complete picture. When a child has to remove 1 piece of the puzzle back into the corresponding location, you can try to take 2 piece of the puzzle, let his own thinking and to solve the problem. Inspires, don't do it, when playing with the puzzle you need to constantly inspire children thinking and observation, rather than help children do. For example, you can remind the child in the game: this piece of the puzzle can line and the line of that piece of the puzzle together? The color of the two pieces of puzzle the same? Can you put together? Look for each piece of the puzzle four sides and four corners, and see what they have is not the same?
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