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Jigsaw puzzle and you grow together

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-13
Puzzle thin with you

in recent days in the rainy season, rain continuously, it give us the loading master a lot of inconvenience, however, in order to three-dimensional puzzle carton from rain master the truck driver drove to the workshop (at the door So space does not allow forklift loading) , the loading master a case of a case of manual handling cargo loading, though very tired, but seeing the three-dimensional puzzle carton is dry, the heart is beautiful, because the client three-dimensional puzzle there will not be lost! Driver pull cart a three-dimensional puzzle slowly out of company gate, involuntarily looked after for a long, long time, until the truck disappear in the line of sight, because it's loaded with grain people work, because there is carrying, grain, looking forward to! It is the grain staff, it is the spirit of grain, such employees and sen together, to grow together with customers!
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