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Jigsaw puzzle is expensive or cheap good?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
As the saying goes, cheap goods is not good. Believe that many people saw some propaganda on the jigsaw puzzle how how good, but to buy back, found that when I come back is not like that. More like some unscrupulous manufacturers 3 without the product made of stuffed animals, these cannot assure safe and clean toy doll to buy back to a child, it is not a wise choice. Someone said that I buy you will not be wrong, but the author visits found that some parents said some high maintenance difficult puzzle toys, or nowhere to repair, or a widget is fast to catch up with the puzzle toys half of the price, I became a 'disposable items'. Even some people think that 'choose the cheap, than choose expensive; Choose expensive, it is better to choose the appropriate '. It is understood that the puzzle toys, children's toys is easy to loss, our country hasn't a children toy '3 packets' regulation. However, if there is a quality problem, can according to the 'product quality standard' whether to buy a 3 c authentication, security identity, etc. , if there is no may require replacement or return.
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