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Jigsaw puzzle skills quickly analysed

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-26
Jigsaw puzzle skills quickly analysed

buy back to puzzle, after opening, when you see a big pack puzzle, then you will see the silly, it doesn't matter, here to teach you quickly puzzles. The letters on the reverse of the puzzle to partition, will have the same letter puzzles classification together, put a pile of one letter a area. First to spell a word has a straight edge of the area, if straight puzzle patterns about the same, can only use letters on the back of the puzzle, because very few blocks, easy for stitching. Then find the next puzzle, in a wider class of search, and so on will soon be able to award the same letter puzzles. Can be found after spell spell good puzzle pieces on even have other words, one by one area spell, solve puzzles can stick tape fixed on the back, after the positive spell can take a plane (below For example, carton) , to solve the above then put a flat dongdong, clamp, such jigsaw puzzle can stick tape fixed on the back. Factory specializing in the development and production of various kinds of paper three-dimensional puzzle, both sides are beautifully printed color bright design, intermediate sandwich foamed material is environmental protection non-toxic. Don't need any tools, products have been cut inside pressure molding, each Numbers are marked on the small pieces, assembling time as long as the Numbers accordingly. The three-dimensional puzzle can not only cultivate their ability, and improve spatial imagination, can also enhance creativity and logical thinking ability, has the very strong attraction to the children, to get the recognition of the global market.
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