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Jigsaw puzzle surface gloss low how to solve? Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturers to teach you

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Jigsaw puzzle of production need to consume oil resources, and oil resources are non-renewable resources, with limited resources everybody is responsible for producing high quality plastic products. And sometimes injection molding plastic surface will appear bleak, or gloss, color uneven phenomenon, is this why? For this kind of phenomenon, the author of the jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturers, according to many years of experience, sums up its causes and solutions. 1, injection molding machine, injection speed too fast, the material retention time is too long will cause plastic products surface gloss to drop; Solution: lower injection molding machine injection speed, reduce the residence time of material. 2, the material thermal stability is poor, generally under the condition of 100 ℃ environment easy to decompose, 180 ℃ decomposition will accelerate. Solution: use good thermal stability, good gloss materials or can be added in the materials and reasonable to add a certain amount of heat stabilizer. 3, mold temperature is too low, in the manufacturing process of cooling speed too fast, when the melt in the process of mold filling, the cavity wall has already formed the scale, scale is vulnerable to a variety of forces, to change the white muddy, reducing product surface gloss. Solution: should before starting to use mould, to mould heating in advance, improve the working temperature of mould, the lower cooling rate or in the mold gate adopt measures such as local heating. 4, raw material moisture absorption or contain volatiles are poor common causes the surface gloss of the jigsaw puzzle. Solution: to fully dry before use the material, when it is necessary to establish the dryer. 5, excessive use of release agent, also can make jigsaw surface. Such defects. Solution: should as far as possible need not or use a small amount of release agent, evenly daub. 6, the product quality of raw materials for plastic products surface glossiness, only mixed with impurities will make products surface gloss. The solution: using high quality raw materials or use to remove impurities. 7, injection molding machine, the runner and gate size is too small, poor exhaust can cause product surface gloss is not good. The solution: should increase the runner and gate size, adding exhaust slot. Above is today puzzle toy manufacturers to introduce the whole content, everyone know that clear? Today we will talk more with everyone, everyone if there are questions, just call consulting us!
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