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Jigsaw puzzle toy factory remind: pay attention to children's toys safety

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
On July 30 at 9 PM, song county in luoyang city, a young mother and an old man with a 4 years old boy, came to song county squadron fire brigade baiyun avenue for help. The original children at play, are stuck to puzzle toys holes left index, parents tried many methods, were not removed, can put the parents worried. The fire officers and soldiers observation found that part of the boy's finger stuck due to long time extrusion, has begun to congestion swelling. Fire officers and soldiers to the boy's grandmother holding the children to hold the body, then, fire officers and soldiers while talking to the little boy spread his attention, and the use of tools such as scissors, forceps, its jammed fingers jigsaw puzzle to shear bit by bit. After 3 minutes, stuck boy fingers jigsaw puzzle was successfully removed. Due to the timely rescue, the boy fingers unscathed. Fire officers and soldiers to remind parents, for children to buy toys, toys carefully check whether there is any harm the safety of children, avoid to happen again.
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