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Jigsaw puzzle toy factory tutor you choose and buy toys

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Jigsaw puzzle toy factory tutor you choose and buy jigsaw puzzle toys on the market are of variable quality now, how to give their children a good quality of choose and buy good puzzle toy is parents acne scars headaches, especially young children like to put the toy in the mouth, if the toy quality closes nevertheless so will pose a threat to the health of children, so we should from what respect to give the child to choose jigsaw puzzle? Foshan puzzle toy factory to tell you, the author of should start from the following points: 1, to see the outer packing: whether logo is completely general domestic toy packing marks: must be included in the 'CCC' logo, name, address, telephone, material composition, product name, type, such as: 2, see the product appearance material general brightness is better; Colour is gorgeous; To see all; The thickness of the material, the thickness of the senior product material commonly thicker ( The price also is higher) Is resistant to fall off, breaks the simple plastic produces commonly acute Angle and fine particulate matter; Products have above without may hurt might be a sharp tip and marginal; 3, try the product function: whether normal lights: will won't create too much noise, whether moderate the strong cohesion 4 components, smell opened the product whether there is a very blunt nose taste, there will be a general plastics of subtle flavor, but if it is not too thick is no; More than 5, mutatis mutandis, to see which high cost performance; A toy toy market now has dozens of companies doing so should be more contrast. Above is the puzzle toy tips of choose and buy, treat the children's toys, still need to be careful.
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