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Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer about playing a large toy need to pay attention to?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
We all know that there are more different kinds kindergarten toys, educational classes, small toys, large slide toys, all kinds of, good toy not only can bring joy to the children, also helps to improve the children's brain development, on the later study and communication with others and have good help. But the children also can appear some security accidents when playing with the toys, it will need to parents or teachers to do a good job of guardianship, we follow puzzle toy manufacturers to see which need to be paid attention to large toys. 1, organize large-scale toys, games, teachers should according to young children's age characteristic and actual situation to choose suitable for children. 2, before the children's activities, the teacher should check whether there is any abnormal on toys, the position is the right, the toy is damaged. 3, the teacher for young children of class situation, explaining the game, remind children pay attention to safety. 4, activity, the teacher should pay attention to whether children with the decorations away, children's clothing is good, lest affect children's activities and cause potential safety hazard. 5, when children play with the slide, the teacher should prompt children line up and not crowded, not climb from down to up, don't take toys on the slide. The teacher wants to patrol inspection at any time, especially in cylinder and slide down the slide there is empty, to prevent accidents. The above is the puzzle toy manufacturer gives some Suggestions. For infant brain development is not yet perfect, on the surrounding risk awareness is weak, if the parents do not care, it's easy to dangerous thing will happen. A good kindergarten toys can benefit life, of course, if choose wrong toy or not in the right way to play, may affect personal safety.
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