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Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer analysis using PVC material benefits

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Foshan jigsaw puzzle the advantage of use PVC have many common features, so the use and application of common in life. Below, jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer use PVC what's the advantage of features. PVC plastic has mechanical properties, excellent electrical performances, has strong ability of resistance to acid and alkali chemical stability is good, but the low softening point, is suitable for manufacturing wire and cable, toys, bags, etc. A, non-conductive, PVC plastic material cannot conduct electricity, is not affected by electrolysis, current corrosion, and without secondary processing. Second, capital is low, cutting and connection are very simple, use PVC glue connection theory proved secure peace, cumbersome to operate, low capital. Three, has good flexibility, contractility, processing all kinds of PVC products. Fourth, small resistance, high flow rate: wall lubrication, fluid activity loss is small, be dirt to adhere to the smooth wall, remaining relatively simple, remaining costs low. 5, durable: excellent weathering resistance, chemical stability, corrosion resistance, also cannot fall by bacteria and fungi. Six, PVC plastic materials of green environmental protection, unless heated to a certain temperature will release harmful gases, other conditions without any pollution, can be assured that use.
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