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Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer: board games make children more intelligent

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Board game is a 'smart' toy, because from the Angle of children's cognitive development, play board games need to be one of the children have a lot of soft power, the soft power is a very important part of cognitive development, but it is not serious or you can learn from the ordinary toys. 1, the short-term memory - any board game has a set of rules, children want to play board games, first you need to remember these rules. Forget 'after life' said before children, much is short-term memory is bad, it can strengthen exercise through the board game. 2, self-control - children are impulsive, you make less than one year of age children waiting, basically all is impossible. But wait, self-control training is the first step. We all know that is need to take turns playing board games, this process is actually began to let the children learn to wait. 3, in the face of winning or losing - is now many children can't afford to lose, and the board game is lose win, and more valuable is that the game lost no matter, as long as we are willing to be able to come again. This can let the child learn to see winning more peacefully. And when to play various board games requires concentration, interaction can inspire the language, some need to improve the team cooperation ability to do together, some need to exercise observation ability and problem solving ability. In short, a lot of good play board games.
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