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Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer should know the non-toxic toys law amendment

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
The Suffolk county, New York, executive committee has approved a 884 - Resolution 2017, the revised bill of non-toxic toys ( 当地的法律。 22 - 2015). 。 Bill all chemical requirements are adopted according to the proposal. But the resolution before it took effect need to submit to the county office of secretary of state. Resolution is submitted, we will publish news in time. The following is the main content of the amendment: chemical distribution, sales and provide the selling children's products must not contain more than the following provisions set limit to of chemicals: the Suffolk county, New York, non-toxic toys act amendment approved if federal law revision in the future, contains the other harmful substances, beyond the children's products also need to follow these additional requirements. Compulsory measures county health bureau each quarter random spot checks at least 10 retailers, from each of the retailers buy products no more than 10 children were analyzed. Buy products from retailers will use X-ray fluorescence analyzer for testing. If you find any product more than chemical limited, will the federal consumer product safety commission ( 消费品安全委员会) Certification of independent laboratory test further. If the lab in the CPSC certification tests prove that the product does not conform to the requirements, the products will be listed on health maintenance dedicated web page. Pay attention to 'children's products' refers to any major designed for children under 12 years old and use, manufacture or sale of products. But does not include batteries, consumer electronics, or electronic components, paper products, or run by the us food and drug administration (fda) specifications of drugs, biological products, medical equipment, food or food additive. The above restrictions do not apply to: ˙ in second-hand shops, yard market or for charitable donations for free or for sale of children products or clothing; And only in the Internet sales of products; ˙ protective sports equipment, including but not limited to the helmet, sports gear, knee and elbow pads; ˙ based entirely on the sealed battery or electronic components of children's products.
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