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Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer special remind selected toys to the child's attention?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer special remind selected toys to the child's attention? Toy is the best introduction to supply children early influence, in the process of playing with toys, children can promote its hands, eyes, feet and all kinds of action harmony, to assist in his cognition, also have the function of the comfort children mood, foshan toys co. , LTD. Analyze most of the parents to buy toys for the children, always was in a hurry to teach children the right way, once the children to play not according to this method, parents will be correct, but the practice thoroughly constraints the development of the child. Should let the child in the home to create play, and let him from the mistakes and correct their own action and cognition, unless the method has a tendency to hurt themselves, hurt, or any other toys have hundreds of kinds of style, is not as long as a 'canonical form'. Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer to tell you, of course, some children's ability to automatically create poor, parents can use their own play to guide him, then try to ask the child: 'how do you think that fun? 'With him to create different style. Created out of the game, children often than taught his play fun, parents can familiar with your game, such as children to take out the instruction notice child play what kind of specification, this is to let him to learn and share, sets up the interpersonal contact, due to the rules should be from the Shared between the children toys to start. When game together let children obey the rules, he can learn how to start, how to complete, how to take turns and share with others. Choose toys for children too beautiful for him is not good, coarse original is definitely a child the best of everything; In addition, parts too many toy is not suitable for small children. The older children like to explore, what all want to plug into the hole, of course also includes ears and nostrils, too many parts represent the latent risk of differentiation, the more it is best to choose a little chunk of toys. Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer to tell you in colour respect, parents should as far as possible to a child under 6 years of age to choose red, yellow, blue, green, black, white the six gulf clear color, to strengthen the impact of the underlying retinal cells. In addition to the above test points, foshan toys co. , LTD. , in particular, prompt parents, must select the state inspection qualified security toy ( Means with safe toys 'ST') To ensure the safety of children. Perhaps, parents can also own toys, toy materials are ubiquitous in nature, if can together according to the child's interest, DIY toys, can enhance the relationship between parents and children will have a mature feeling!
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